The annual Endocrine Society of Australia Seminar 2020


Launceston; let’s make it happen!

The ESA is a community and for our next Seminar meeting we hope you will all come to a new type of meeting; one that enhances our learning while breaking with tradition.

Launceston is a city of contrasts and we aim to showcase the best of Tasmania while bringing you the best of endocrinology. With the main theme of adrenal disease, our Plenary speaker is Prof Gary Hammer, the president-elect of the US endocrine society. We hope you will come as a show of support to the global endocrine community and to celebrate his time down under.

In addition to fantastic plenary presentations and sessions with local experts, there will be case presentations and panel discussions. In particular, the program will cover topics including: diabetes, thyroid, bone and calcium, and will pay homage to the Tasman 1 kindred MEN1 publications.

The major difference will lie in the feel of the meeting. Launceston is regional. It is Australia’s third oldest city and has undergone significant urban renewal. While the architecture remains elegant in line with its history, there is a thriving art and design scene. Moreover, the food scene is zesty and the coffee, wine and cheese culture thrives.

We have arranged a variety of accommodations throughout the city, with the conference facilities located at the heart of it all, The Albert Hall. Choose between the glamour of the repurposed Peppers Silo Hotel to the history of the Grand Chancellor Hotel. Bring your walking shoes (and umbrella) to make the most of all that we have planned.

Come and support our society while we support the thriving town of Launceston!

The ESA Seminar Committee.